From everyday wear and tear to replacement panels, locks and door handles, we’re able to repair everything on a whole range of doors, from front doors to French windows.

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Door Handle Repair or Replacement

Constant wear and tear will cause the components inside the door handle to deteriorate, so it’s important to get our door technicians to take a look at the issue. As well as white handles, Fixaglaze can also source a variety of other colours to match your existing door furniture. We have a very good history of matching older handles too.

Door Locks

Door locks can fail with years of regular use. Our vast experience and extensive stock of locks and door fixings allow us to repair or replace your damaged items with new and highly secure versions. We’ve a large selection of locks and fixings for you to choose from.


Barrels and Cylinders

Door barrels and cylinders are available in various length and colours. You may require a new door lock if:

  • you have to give your key a special wiggle when you lock/unlock your door.
  • you have lost your keys.
  • you have moved into a new property and want to improve security.


Door Hinges

Like any moving part, door hinges can start to loosen and move over time. It’s a fairly easy job to replace the hinge so, whether you require a flag hinge for your new style door or a butt hinge which tend to be found on older doors, Fixaglaze can offer multiple designs and colours.

uPVC Door Panels Replacement and Repair

Why not give your front door a face lift with a replacement uPVC door panel. Available in a wide range of styles and colours. Manufactured to BS 4735 and BS 476.


Is there a draft around your door?

Replacing the rubber seals around your door will help keep your heating bills down by keeping the heat in and the cold out. Rubber seals offer a nice clean finish to your door.


Draughty or Damaged Letterbox

The letter box spring and sealing system is very prone to failure with daily use. Much of your homes heat can be lost through a failed letterbox. Available in white, silver, chrome, black and gold Fixaglaze can economically replace your letterbox unit for you.


Moving House?

If you would like to make your home look more appealing to perspective buyers then it’s the small things that count. New door/window handles are an inexpensive way to improve your home.

Fixaglaze will also remove and re-install windows to allow those pieces of furniture too big to go out of the door to go with you.

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